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【Takara Tomy】Transformers Legends LG57 Octane

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Takara Tomy推出新的變形金剛可動人偶 - LG57 毒氣彈。這次的毒氣彈可以由機械人變形至飛機或者坦克,當中還包括了駕駛員的小人偶、劍和雙筒步槍。預售已經正式開始,預計2017年12月發貨。

Takara presents the LG57 Octane for their Transformers Legends lineup!

Octane converts from robot to plane or tank truck and includes a Headmaster figure, a sword, double-barreled rifle, and instructions. He also comes with Starscream, a semi-transparent Headmaster that is also compatible with Octone's robot mode!

Estimated Arrival: Dec 2017

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